PrettyLights vs. The End Of The World 2012

Well, the Mayans certainly weren’t right… We’re all still here. Derek Vincent Smith is one talented dude. To see and more importantly hear what he can do musically is mind boggling. His comments on this track…

I performed this track on NYE from 2011 to 2012 then did nothing with it. But NOW, it is posted to download or stream and rock to on the day that signifies the end of the Mayan calendar. I love life. I wanna keep it going! I hope you enjoy this funny little number. You know how I do with the Remix/MashUp/Original combination freshness. Whether the solar flares engulf us or we evolve to telepathic beings, lets keep it classy.

Bring on 2013.

Download: PrettyLights vs. The End Of The World 2012

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