Timeflies – Swoon [Official Music Video]

(gurl lemme see you) #SWOON

Timeflies has been leading us on a little bit for these past few days with snapshots from the video, but IT’S FINALLY HERE. The biggest song on their One Night EP, “Swoon”, is definitely a hit. I know I have been waiting this past hour to refresh the page at 10:10 to 1. celebrate timeflies tuesday, and 2. see Cal. Swoon is catchy and was always hot, but now that not only Cals voice is associated with the hit, but his face too the song is beautiful… and I’m fine with that. It was f*cking awesome seeing the mighty duo, Rez and Cal, hit number 1 on itunes and stay there for a while. It was just a little over a year ago that they put out the (scary/weird/terrifying/I still support them) “Switchblade” music video, and a short 12 months later they are still killin it. Personally I thought the verb [to] swoon was like a soulja boy, crank that, or we fly high you know it ballllin move but yeah no it isn’t. The rewinding aspect of the video is sick and it couldn’t get any better than the first ten seconds being occupied with Cal’s up close and personal (wet) face! I’m down. Side note; where is his neck? (its worth going back). If anything this made me love them 100x more. I cannot wait to see what’s next. HAPPY TIMEFLIES TUESDAY.

(I would usually pull the sarcastic/classic Justin Bieber post for this but it’s too good to make fun of.)

^ps that girl on the right is me.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!