Introducing: Supraliminal ft. Tragedy Khadafi – SKEEOO [prod. A-Rayz]

Supraliminal is a hip hop act based out of Boston, MA. For his latest track SKEEOO he recruited Tragedy Khadafi to shed some knowledge. If you are unaware Tragedy Khadafi, from Queensbridge, NY, helped spur up the careers of Nas and Mobb Deep. He was instrumental in coining the term Illmatic in which Nas later used as an album title.

This is my first time hearing new material from Supraliminal. You can check some of those songs after the jump. What’s even more surprising is Supraliminal is a graduate of the prestigious Columbia University. It is a powerful story about being creative and overcoming the struggles of growing up in the grittiest parts of Boston. Listen to this song with an open mind!

Check out Sammy Adams collaborations with Supraliminal dating back to 2006 after the jump.

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