[FITA Premiere] Silver Medallion x DJ Fresh Direct – XANAXLAND EP + Drunk Dial Princesses [Official Music Video]

I seriously can never beat Silver Medallion’s write-ups of his own stuff… so I’m gonna let him take this one away.
Xanaxland. I’ve lived inside it in the heart of the city for three years now, and their came a point this fall when DJ Fresh Direct and I found in the studio that we had the ability to make the sound that matched the life.
This is the beginning of our musical journey into a generation of bottle waitresses with masters degrees, fly by night DJs, prozac addled parents misdirecting Adderal rattled daughters into the maze of the nightlife underworld, and the greater questions of what kind of people will we all be when we finally stumble out of the rabbit hole. The beginning of where, as an artist, I can finally let the constrictions of genre go, and we can make indie rock trap psychedelic house and just call it our music.”


Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!