Beyoncé On Top Of The World

2012 has been a blessed year for Beyoncé. From motherhood to being selected to headline the Super Bowl down in New Orleans, what else could be on Beyoncé’s plate? Well add a $50 million endorsement with PepsiCo. to the list. Moving 100 million units worldwide and winning 16 Grammy’s are the accolades that led to this huge deal, which is surprising because Nicki Minaj has won no Grammy’s, yet got a similar endorsement deal from PepsiCo. “Pepsi and Beyoncé share a passion and enthusiasm for breaking new ground when it comes to music,” stated Brad Jakeman, president of PepsiCo’s Global Beverages Group. “Beyoncé, who continually defines and redefines what ‘now’ means for her millions of devotees worldwide, is the perfect partner and ambassador for Pepsi.” Hey Bey wanna kick some of that green green to me to help with these college loans! Please!

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