FITA Interviews Culture Code

Who is Culture Code? A group that you should get familiar with right now and I will tell you why. Chris B and Dylan N have recently taken the dubstep world by storm with their stellar remixes and unique sound to the genre, not only in the UK and US, but the rest of the globe.

Seeing as a lot of the dubstep producers in the UK have a much harder and more aggressive sound than Culture Code (i.e. Chase & Status, Caspa, Example, Jakwob, Skream, etc.) the dubstep scene in America seems to be a perfect fit for the dynamic duo to come showcase their talents. Their tightly coiled productions, inviting bass lines, reverberant drum patterns and catchy clipped samples seem to be a blue-print for success in the US dubstep scene. Their incredibly addicting melodic work and big boomy drums exemplify and compare to the dubstep sound of hugely successful artists over the pond such as Krewella and Adventure Club, who they have officially remixed.

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It would not surprise me if Culture Code became largely successful in the United States after a short period of time touring. The track record the duo of 19-year-olds have composed in such a short amount of time has caught our attention. With the click of a button on their Soundcloud page any fan of EDM and dubstep in the US would find themselves saying “Damn, who the hell are these guys?” and wanting more of that melodic and iconic dubstep sound that is Culture Code.

I feel that the release of their new EP will be the rocket ship that launches them to the US to change the lives and ears of the EDM/dubstep fans there. Nothing but big things to come from this duo in the future. Culture Code is FITA approved X Culture Code Interview

First off, how did you guys meet and decide on the name “Culture Code”?

We both met in school years ago so we have been good friends for a long time now. The name Culture Code was created as we wanted to combine words together to be a bit different I guess. The name itself was randomly picked due to the fact that we liked the idea of putting the two words together. Culture represents the EDM culture that we live in, and Code represents some of the moral codes that we go by. To be honest we just liked the name, and though it has some meaning we just felt that it really worked. We needed something that didn’t have meaning before hand. A lot of musicians these days choose over used names which creates issues when someone already has that name

Who are your influences and why?

Our influences would be the likes of Adventure Club, Kdrew, Seven Lions, Otto Knows, Swedish House Mafia, etc… We listen to a vast majority of things but our biggest influences are in the Dubstep/Progressive House area. We listen to music that has a sort of epic melodic vibe. Producers like Seven Lions and Adventure Club are a great influence since they both produce that melodic big room sound that we look for.

What was your overall goal when joining forces and deciding to produce music?

When we first began, I guess our overall goal was to just create the style of music which we loved and hope others love it too. We really love the style of music we are into and it was such a relief that others liked our style of music also.

Describe dubstep and EDM in general? Why has it grown so much in the past few years?

Dubstep has changed so much since is started its unreal, we may make quite soft and melodic dubstep but we know the roots of the genre and what is classed as dubstep now compared to how it used to sound is crazy! I believe its grown so much in recent years because of how it spread worldwide, it also kind of became more commercial, with vocals, synths and melodies. We aren’t complaining at all though, we love the sound of dubstep now, its drawn so many influences from different genres, we used to be very big trance fans, which is why Seven Lions is a huge inspiration!

What songs/artists in the EDM scene are you listening too currently?

Recently, we have become very fond of Progressive House. We have been listening to tracks like ‘Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child’, ‘In My Mind (Axwell Mix)’, ‘Burns – Lies (Otto Knows Remix)’.
We still love dubstep of course! A few favourites would be ‘Send Me Your Love (Kdrew Remix)’ & ‘The Great Divide (Seven Lions Remix)’.

Top 5 Non EDM artists between the both of you?

Frank Sinatra, 
Artic Monkeys
, Ed Sheeran,
 Plan B

What should we expect from you in 2013?

In 2013, we hope to have a lot more gigs lined up, have a few big collaborations, remixes and a handful of singles. We are starting to branch out into a few other genre’s, one being progressive house, so hopefully come 2013, we can have a few tracks out their and not only be known as just dubstep artists.

First planned stops once you get your performance visa and head over to ‘Merica?

Hmm, we haven’t thought that far ahead, maybe Vegas? Anywhere is cool though, the US looks amazing!

Do you ever catch yourself listening to your own music?

We have a few times, this is mainly to see how it sounds after a good while not listening to it, or to check if we feel that our latter track sounds better than the previous. Other than that, we think we have looped these tracks over and over enough to last a life time ha!
Drum n bass and dubstep music in the UK is rather large compared to the U.S.

How do you plan on influencing the United States with your sound?

Well, it seems our sound attracts more of the US than it does UK as we have a much larger fanbase in the States. We are finding it quite difficult to break into the UK scene over here as our music is a lot softer than most artists from the UK. Hopefully in time the UK market will open to us too but in terms of influencing the States with our sound, we feel as our sound is already quite US based, as we get compared to the likes of Adventure Club and KDrew quite a lot.

What is the one thing you want your fans to take away after a live show?

We want our fans to take away that we put a lot of work into what we do to keep it interesting. We have quite a varied set so we hope that they appreciate that but mostly we hope that we entertained them and they had a blast ! The ideal show would be one filled with large amounts of people and a continuous two hour set.

What is your go to song to get the crowd off their feet and going insane during an intense set?

We would like to think our set is lively all the way through and keeps the crowd on there feet but if we need a track to liven up a crowd we would drop the likes of ‘Flux Pavillion – Bass Cannon’, ‘Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound’, ‘Knife Party – Internet Friends’ and ‘Krewella – Alive (Pegboard Nerds Remix)’.

What do you look for most in tracks that you remix? Is there a specific vocal style or genre you like to remix?

The vocals are always the main thing we go for in a remix for us. We love vocals that are catchy and have a good hook. There is not really any style or genre we like specifically we just go with what ever we can work with and what we feel would make a good track.

Describe how a collaborative effort works with two producers as opposed to one… do you meet in the middle? Do you combine each other’s ideas?

We have always worked together as we started producing at the same time so we pretty much work the same way but with ideas I think we just go with whatever sounds best. For example, if Chris comes up with a melody, I might go in and change it a bit, and then we both kind of go back and forth working on the same track. Together we make Culture Code, and without both of us the music wouldn’t be what it is today.

What is your favorite song to play in your sets now and why?

We only pick songs that we love, we feel this is the best way to give the crowd the Culture Code feel and experience. There are some of the tracks that stand out for us such as ‘Send Me Your Love (KDrew Remix)’, ‘Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound’ and ‘Adventure Club – Crave You’.

How do you feel the internet and social media have impacted the music scene over the last couple of years?

We wouldn’t really know as we have only been going for a couple years but in our short time the internet has helped us a lot in so many way from getting us fans from all over the world. It has also helped to put us in contact with the likes of Adventure Club, KDrew, Krewella and many more people in the music industry. So all in all we feel the internet is a massively important tool. Without it, we would not be where we are today. It allows us to connect with people across the country / world and collaborate on projects. This applies for most DJ’s around the world since without the internet many of them would have never been found.

If you were given a thumbs up to remix one artists track to be released on a major label who would it be and what song?

Swedish House Mafia, we love house music and would love the to remix ‘Don’t You Worry Child’. This is our favorite track of there’s, it has so much emotion to it and would be an honor to remix.

What keeps you coming back to the studio to make original music/remixes?

Our fans! It’s such an amazing feeling when someone comments on how much they enjoyed one of our tracks! As well as that, we just love making music, it just feels like it’s the only thing that is ‘right’ for us to be doing!

Hard liquor or beer? What beer is popular in the UK?

We both drink cider, were aren’t lovers of beer and most the time, when we drink liquor we don’t remember the night lol! We would say Caronna is becoming popular in the UK.

Do you take pride in showing your crowd new music? Or getting them raving by playing what is popular at the moment?

We do play a lot of tracks that people don’t know but they are amazing tracks so we do get the same vibe as when we were dropping the more popular music out there. In saying that we do have a lot popular songs in our set so its all about finding the right balance and we feel we have a good choice of music.

What DAW do you guys work in?

We have been using logic for all are releases so far but we are looking in to moving to ableton as we find it easier to use.

What are some of your favorite plug-ins?

Massive is a big favourite, it just so easy to use and you can get great sounds from it. We also use nexus a lot, it has great selection of synths in there and also is very easy to use. Another wicked plugin is Sylenth, if your after that big ‘rave’ sound, we find thats a go-to for that kind of thing. For making stuff sound huge, we like to use stereo enhancers, a good one is Izotope Ozone. It has a multiband imager, allowing you to keep the low end mono, and widen the highs.

What is your go-to synth?

Massive and Nexus with out a doubt. We always use these two in every track and feel they are a big part of our sound for sure!

Do you model most of your Synths or use presets?

For baselines we will always make our own synths but when it comes to layering we will look for nice sounding synths from nexus to add over the synths we have created, this helps achieve a large sound!

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!