Modestep – Paradise (Amazing Coldplay Cover)

Modestep happens to be my favorite dubstep group out there today and here are my reasons why. Not only do they possess a truly unique electro-dub sound, but they also incorporate live instruments into their mixes/live shows like guitar/piano/drums. This remix of the ever so popular ‘Paradise’ by Coldplay showcases all of these aspects to make one tremendous cover. See, I believe that when artists try and make covers, they should change it, rearrange it, and make it their own. Modestep does this here. This was available as a special track for those who pre-ordered the Show Me A Sign EP, but now out for all of us.

Download: Modestep – Paradise (Coldplay Cover)

ALSO: Their debut album Evolution Theory comes out the 14th of January! PRE-ORDER IT HERE and if you would like more information on it CLICK HERE. Preview a couple tracks HERE.

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