Drake vs. Chris Brown, All Charges Dropped

In a dramatic night full of proposed circumstances and hurled accusations, Drake & Chris Brown walked out of the W.I.P. last July with the threat of lawsuits from the like of Tony Parker and impending charges that could easily be handled by their lawyers and bank accounts, though the drama would have undoubtedly put a dent into their day to day careers. After the police worked hard to be objective and review the surveillance video from that night, they found that the video was too blurry and grainy to accurately determine exactly who was the culprit in the night’s affairs. Due to this fact, the two have yet another thing to be thankful for as they walk away from the event with all charges dropped.

In other news, Drake lost his grandmother on Thanksgiving and let his fans know in a tweet. I hope he will be able to cope, family is important and it always sucks to lose someone you love.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!