SpaceGhostPurrp – Whole Latta Icee

So I’m kind of confused right now. First SpaceGhostPurrp said he was retiring from being an artist and was going to focus on other endeavors. The reasoning behind that based solely around the way the whole A$AP Mob stole his style, along with his outlook on the shadiness of the music industry. If you are unaware Purrp was the producer behind Pretty Flacko and Keep It G and WAS a member of the A$AP Mob, prior to frustrations setting in. Secondly, there was a physical confrontation two days ago down in Miami with the A$AP Mob and Purrp where Purrp was carried away in cuffs and booked. Then yesterday Purrp releases a new song for the general public titled Whole Latta Icee. I’m utterly confused with all of this, make up your damn mind Purrp!

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