JAMS – My Medicine, My Oxygen (Prod. Clams Casino)

Click To Download: JAMS – My Medicine, My Oxygen (Prod. Clams Casino)

This time my doee JAMS hit me up with a super deep and meaningful track off his next tape. I will let his words speak for the track, which is incredible by the way. Be sure to check this link for info on his first ever headlining show in Iowa this Saturday! Concert poster after the jump as well. Gettin stoked for this next project as the days go by. Don’t forget to follow JAMS on Twitter.

This song is about a friend of mine that i grew up with, he was nothing less than my blood brother. When we dabbled in to drugs back in high school he went down the wrong path. Everyone left but me, his parents, even all our closest homies. Eventually it got to the point where he started putting drugs before me. It really took me back… I dedicated so much time to him when no one else would. And then he wasn’t there for me the ONE time I needed him, it was a reality check. I was confused and didn’t know who to trust, the whole situation made no sense to me. As times progressed, everything made me realize you can’t let people hold you back in life, no matter how close your feel to them, the ultimate sacrifices are letting go of something when your heart tells you not to. And if you really want to let go of something, you need tell yourself your letting go forever.

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