Cazzette – Beam Me Up (Official Music Video)

As most of our readers know this is not a song I would typically post. I don’t know much about EDM as a genre or better yet, a culture. After seeing this video exclusively premiering on MTV last night, I fell deeply in love with this whole other musical dimension we call EDM. But this post isn’t about me. It’s about this song and video. We are constantly searching for a new artist or genre to fulfill our musical cravings to make us feel a certain inexplicable joy solely provided by music.
When Beam Me Up began to blare through my TV, my insides warmed up and then chills took over my body because without looking, my cravings were exceeded. The next thing that ran through my mind was “want”. I wanted to download the song, I wanted a Cazzette necklace, and I wanted to be in the crowd of what seems to be thousands, dancing to a song crafted so magically, it has the ability to alter your emotions. Undoubtedly, I know after seeing this video you will feel the same because it’s not everyday you find an artist like the Cazzette duo. Also known as Sebastian Furrer and Alexander Bj√∂rklund and under the same management as Avicii: At Night Management, there is no doubt the Swedish manager and producer Ash Pournouri has big plans for Cazzette. Stay tuned for their premiere album EJECT PT 1 available on the 13th!

Click To Download: Cazzette – Beam Me Up

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