Recent Kanye West “Cruel Winter” Trailer Was Fake

While most of us we’re extremely excited about this seemingly artistic, yet typical Kanye move of quietly releasing a trailer for Cruel Winter seeming to all make sense, a recent interview with the director responsible on Fusehas shed some light that Kanye had nothing to do with the project.

“Without getting into many details, I will say that the trailer was independently made and the video is essentially a concept trailer,” the 23-year-old director says. “It’s used for pitching an idea and/or concept to a client. With that said, the video was being used for pitching purposes and it’s naturally intended only for the client to see.”

Clearly the video title was misleading and may have been a move to generate the attention of viewers or perhaps of Kanye himself, but all we know to this point is that Cruel Winter is coming, but this director will not (at least to anyone’s knowledge) be a part of it. Stay tuned.

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