OWSLA Tour (Chicago Review)

You know that initial feeling you get before even stepping foot into a show’s venue? You know what I’m talking about. That feeling where the bass vibrates the ground even though you’re nowhere close and with every step you take towards it, excitement and adrenaline builds heavily. That was what I felt moments before.

The day I was looking forward to the most had finally arrived yesterday. OWLSA came to Chicago to put on a show that was well worth going to. OWLSA’s very first tour included a lineup of artist that I genuinely salivated over. The lineup consisted of Nick Thayer, Seven Lions, Birdy Nam Nam, and Alvin Risk as the headliner for the event.

Although I missed Nick Thayer and Seven Lions performance I could still tell their set must have been unreal by how manic the crowd was when I walked in. For this lineup I was expecting a full house, surprisingly it was a pretty average sized crowd. Birdy Nam Nam began to set up their equipment. While watching them all I could think was, “this entire crowd is about to go hard tonight.” The audience started a slow clap. They shouted “Birdy Nam Nam woooo” as long as their lungs allowed. They were ready to let go. It was a smart move on BNN’s part to kick off their set with a dragged out intro, one that was timed precisely. I believe that creates the right amount of suspense to keep the crowd attached. The last song was of course their most popular, “Going in.” As predicted the crowd lost it, especially when that epic drop hit.

Next Washington D.C. based producer Alvin Risk took stage. The selection of songs being dropped was undoubtedly making the crowd move. However, after the incredible performance by BNN, I wasn’t as into his set as others were. It could be because BNN had multiple DJ’s performing at once and my eyes were busy scanning what every individual DJ was doing. But it seemed as though he lacked the stage presence I typically see. He kind of just stood there and twisted knobs, almost lifelessly. Occasionally he would direct the crowd to start clapping, but that was all. Nothing was wrong with the music… I just wished he displayed a little more passion. This was my first time seeing him too.

All in all, I give this show two thumbs up (from what I saw). Simply being there and absorbing the positive reactions from both the audience and artists made me enjoy my time there. If this tour is passing through your city soon, I highly recommend you purchase a ticket and go!

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