Matthew Koma – Parachute

Before I give my thoughts on the song itself…I would just like to point out how extremely good looking Matthew Koma is. That hair, that voice and that yellow bandanna hanging lightly on his neck. GAH.

Anyway. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the music..

A well balanced piano melody sets the intro for this jam. ”Parachute” by Matthew Koma is something you can relax to, dance to, sing to, and the ultimate goal of a song, connect to. “Don’t be afraid of a chance for a miracle/Scare it away being cynical/Step into open skies/Close your eyes.” It’s about letting go, not being afraid and taking a chance with resting your faith in love. Yet we all know it’s not easy because there’s something holding us afloat, much like a parachute.

Listen to this song and just stare at how attractive he is too.

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