Yonas: Interview/Event Review – The Bright Side Tour w/ Aer in Chicago Oct. 20, 2012

Sorry for the delay in getting this to you guys. We are huge supporters of Yonas and I jumped at the opportunity to interview him for all of you. Over the weekend I was lucky enough to catch up with Yonas at Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago for his sold out show with Aer on The Bright Side Tour. I will let the interview do all the talking, but the show was just incredible. Read my review after the jump!

Couple of my Chicago buddies (Mayo & Alex Jordahl) opened with a great set and then New Zealander David Dallas picked up right where they left off getting the crowd ready for Yonas. Reggie’s, not being the biggest venue in the world, got pretty damn loud when Yonas stormed the stage for the first time in Chicago. If you have never seen him perform, I highly suggest it. Not only can he rap his ass off, but the man can sing, rock and interact with a crowd, and put on a stunning show for his audience. At the end of the interview you can see a clip of him performing his highly acclaimed Pumped Up Kicks remix.

It was about midway through the set and Yonas really wanted to get the crowd going. So what did he do? The man went down and vibed out in the crowd. That definitely got everyone going and thoroughly involved in the second half of his set. He performed a solid balance of old material and new material off the Transition including the song for his last video “I Don’t Give A Damn.” After vibing out for about 40 minutes it was time to end it with a bang, or should I say a splash… He ordered his DJ to spin Pumped Up Kicks one last time and then Yonas and his entire crew took over the stage with Super Soakers and soaked the crowd. After the set he stayed on stage for a few minutes signing posters, cd’s and snapbacks thrown his way. It was a fitting ending to a truly amazing set. He said it was one of the best shows he has ever done and that it was truly something special. I couldn’t agree more.

YONAS is currently working on an EP that will be out either late this year or early 2013. Get stoked. I know I am.

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