FITA Event Review: City of Dreams Tour Saturday, October 20th

This past Saturday, Dirty South as well as Gregori Klosman and Mord Fustang all proved that New York City is, in fact, the city of dreams.

Tyler Sherritt opened up the show with a short and sweet tech-y as well as electro house infused set and before I knew it, Gregori Klosman came on the stage to treat us all to a bouncy house set. He was super interactive with the crowd and he was super hyped to be playing that evening. He dropped some of my favorite tracks such as “Make The Crowd Go” by Alvaro, his remix of “Room For Happiness” by Kaskade and “Language” by Porter Robinson. Not one person in the crowd was standing still for even a second while Klosman was playing, let me tell you that!

After Klosman concluded his set, Mord Fustang took the stage. His set was mostly instrumental and infused with glitchy and funky electro sounds. Those are the sounds that make me dance like I consumed around 2 or 3 energy drinks in one shot. I really, really enjoyed Fustang’s set and I was so glad I finally got to check him out live since I couldn’t at Electric Zoo.

Once Mord Fustang concluded his wild and riveting set, Dirty South took the stage. He opened his mesmerizing set with “City of Dreams”. While the tune played on, beams of light emerged from the stage and reflected off into the crowd. It was truly a spectacular moment as well as the highlight of the show in my opinion. Dirty South played on well until 4 in the morning… a solid 2 hour set.

In essence, the show was magical in a sense and showcased some incredible sets by Gregori Klosman, Mord Fustang and Dirty South. This was by far a 5 star show and I am praying that Dirty South will stop to play again in the beautiful city of dreams that I call New York City.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!