KMM: Kaskade Music Mondays

It has been a while since the celebrated national dance musician Kaskade has shared any of his mashups with us to make our boring Mondays a little bit better. So surprise surprise, Kaskade gives you 2 mashups since “sharing is caring”. If you have seen Kaskade on his previous ‘Freaks of Nature Tour‘ or have listened to any of his sets the past 6 months then you can easily remember this somewhat played out track featuring vocals of Haley Gibby (thank me later), and the production of Hard Rock Sofa. Second, a more happy vibe progressive house tune over the utterly satisfying beautiful voice of Skylar Grey, provides the perfect theme song for celebratory confetti rave moments. So, in the words of Kaskade, “are you more of a 4AM or 5AM kind of person?“. I personally prefer 4AM.

Politics in Mashups? If you’re interested to read about Kaskade’s opinion about the controversy of putting 2 songs together read his Tumblr post: Politicking of a Mash Up

Check out more of Kaskade’s previous KMM on his SoundCloud: Kaskade

Click more for a preview of Kaskade’s collaboration with Swanky Tunes and featured vocals from the beautiful Lights!

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!