Yolanda Be Cool Promote Upcoming Album With Brilliant Marketing Stunt + New Track

If you aren’t overly familiar with the Australian duo Yolanda Be Cool‘s disgustingly contagious single, We No Speak Americano by this point, you clearly aren’t as good of a music fan as you thought you were.

It’s not uncommon for today’s party scene to be flooded with the same overused songs, but what is uncommon is the artists themselves owning up to it, and in an absolutely brilliant marketing move, Yolanda Be Cool has staged a “press conference” and campaign to hereby recall all airplay of We No Speak Americano as it has far exceeded it’s intended purpose. Thankfully the duo have given us a replacement track (which really is what makes this stunt so brilliant) in efforts to promote their upcoming album, Ladies and Mentalmen hitting stores this November.

The even better news is that this “replacement track” is a sick Angger Dimas progressive house remix to their record Before Midnight which we can expect to be a part of the album. Stay tuned.

Download the “Replacement Track” here

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