Justin Bieber – Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj [Official Music Video]

So did naked pictures of his vag get leaked or not? its still a LIL unclear over here…

must see moments/reactions:
1. I just don’t understand the beginning an anonymous viewer uploaded his video to Vemo? NO totally
2. why is he L.V Beethoven for 3 seconds 10 seconds in
3. this isn’t timeflies tuesday Scooter Bruan (jk i rly respect you and everything you do)
4. lol is just dance four the sponsor or am I just dreaming
5. 45 seconds in, “JUSSSSTIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN” tell em nick!!
6. his arm.
7.”were gonna party like its 3012 tonight”…. idgi thats in a thousand years he won’t be alive
8. 1:36 when cirque du soleil makes an apperance
9. 1:50 the pool dance off.. eeee so uncomfortbale wet clothing so dramatic right now
10.2:14 the usa water acrobatic team does a performance and I saw a lil grope action at 2:20
11. his fake lols at 2:50 (ur such a gr8 actor bby!!)
12. no really his arm its 4 miles long I’m not over it
13. when the WHOLE quality of the video changes for Nicki Minaj I guess that wasn’t stolen material?
14. aw when he mouths the words when she raps #BIGGESTFAN (3:12)
16……. its not that bad ugh.

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