Introducing: Clinton VanSciver (Remixes, Mix, + Interview)

Since having moved to the beautiful University of Southern California, Clinton VanSciver (formerly known as Mister Perfect) has only been pushing himself forward with his music. From remixing such artists as DVBBS, Special Features, Eiffel 65, and Y Luv, to winning Insomniac’s Discovery Project Contest for Nocturnal Wonderland. Needless to say Clinton is ready to make some serious noise in the dance music industry. So be sure to check out the 20 year old’s latest remix as well as a 30 minute mix to see why you will never get enough of the “Dirty Pop” style.

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I was lucky enough to catch an interview with Clinton VanSciver over the weekend at Nocturnal Wonderland! Reading online without music can be boring, so listen to his SoundCloud whilst getting to know him.

So how exactly did you get into producing music?

Well I started playing guitar when I was 14, mainly to get girls. I started learning how to play Nirvana songs and some other basic stuff and was really liking it. I joined a band while in high school and things didn’t go exactly as planned so I quit after not too long with them. I still wanted to make rock music even if it was by myself, so for Christmas my parents got me an electronic drum set and an 8 track, and I would record myself playing on there and mix in guitar parts. I’m from Southeast Maryland where the Electronic Dance Music scene has been pretty non-existent, Wolfgang Gartner recently played there and it was a huge ordeal. But after high school I came out to California to go to school at USC. At USC I was introduced to Deadmau5 and after that I dove deeper into EDM and learned more and more. The rest is history.

You first started producing under the name Mister Perfect, what made you want to change your name?

Mister Perfect was kind of an inside joke from an old girlfriend of mine and I started using it when I first started producing when I wasn’t too serious with it. I thought it would be cool to see a track saying remixed by Mister Perfect in parentheses. Once my tracks started taking off and things were getting bigger, my managers asked me if I wanted to change my artist name which was something I had already been thinking about, so from then on I’ve been going by my actual name.

What programs you runnin? Have any favorite/go-to plugins?

I played around with a few things when I first started, but now I produce exclusively in Ableton Live. In Ableton I mostly use Sylenth, I always like to mess around with Nexus and Massive, but for the most part I’m using Sylenth.

You’ve been posted on several music websites which has really helped you get your name out there. Did you submit your music or did these bloggers stumble upon it?

I actually used to write for I Can Give You House so I knew how the blogs worked and everything. I sent some tracks to Fresh New Tracks but never really heard anything back. Then someone I knew told me they had a friend over at FNT and could get them to at least listen to my stuff. So he pulled some strings and next thing I know I was being posted on there. Now they post my music regularly along with other music blogs.

I understand you did a collaboration with Swedish Egil, how did that come about?

Yeah, one of my friends in my fraternity linked me up with him. I met up with him and he was just a real cool guy. I showed him a track of mine that I had recently got released on a label and he really liked it. He went ahead and remixed it and I liked the remix even more than my original. Then he came to me and asked if I would wanna collaborate on a track, and it was cool because I was about to ask him the same thing. So we got in the studio and “Love Letters” was the final result.

You have a very progressive sound to your tracks as well as a little electro flavor in there too, what would you say your signature sound is?

I like to call it “dirty pop” which goes back to the ‘N Sync song “Pop” that was produced by BT. I’m a big fan of pop music and how catchy it is, so I try and take those catchy elements of it and mix that into EDM. But as far as what Beatport would define my genre as, it would probably be electro house.

Who are some of your favorite artists in dance music right now?

2 of my favorites right now are definitely Porter Robinson and Wolfgang Gartner. I love how Porter Robinson has found that happy medium between melodic and hard hitting, and can really mesh the two together nicely. Same with Wolfgang, he does the same and just really creates some unique sounds. I remember the first time I heard ‘The Way It Was’ I spent hours on Ableton just playing around trying to figure out how he made that synth lead. Another artist would be KOAN Sound, who makes some really unique tracks that incorporate glitches, which is something I really like. The solos, the phrasing, their overall sound is something that not too many people are doing.

Anything you’ve been working on as of late?

I’ve been working on an EP that I’m getting ready to release. It’s 2 tracks, one with male vocals and the other with female vocals. I played them today and they got a pretty good reaction. At this point I’m just mastering them and getting ready to shop them around to some labels.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Yeah, it would be awesome if people can go like my Facebook page if they haven’t already. When I switched my name, I was forced to make an entirely new page so I lost a lot of the likes that I had accumulated on my old page so I’m working on getting that back up. So it would be awesome if everyone could like my page.

Be sure to support Clinton VanSciver on Beatport with his release “Love Letters” + Remixes by Carl Noren, Kundo, New & Used, Party Ghost

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