FITA Event Review: Counterpoint Music Festival 2012

Wow, so how do I summarize one of the best weekends of my life to date? I guess I’ll break it down by day.

Thursday: Open horse pasture, fresh middle Georgia air and a strong sense of southern hospitality are just a few things to describe the atmosphere of the 1st annual Counterpoint Music Festival. After getting media credentials and scoping out the massive horse pasture this festival was taking place on, we headed inside the Beat Tent for Adventure Club. The first thing we hear is them remixing a screamo song by A Day to Remember, which is pretty much my friends and I’s favorite band of all time. Needless to say we aren’t your typical hipster kids (I actually know what a gym looks like and my photographer plays Rugby) so when we began moshing and screaming the lyrics all hell broke loose. This just set the pace for the rest of the weekend right off the bat. Next up was Beat’s Antique which is an experience that I don’t think anyone could describe, followed by Big Gigantic, which if you haven’t seen them live you don’t know what you are missing. Dom is a freak of a man on the saxophone and it was just a great atmosphere throughout the whole set.

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Friday: We started off by feasting at DBA Barbeque which was probably the best thing to hit my belly all weekend. Caren West PR did a great job of representing the south and our tastes throughout their selection of vendors. Caren was also one of the most awesome people at the festival and continually helped my photographer out since our camera couldn’t really compete with the 3000 dollar cameras some of the press had. After our press conference we began preparing for our interview with Super Mash Bro’s. This never came to fruition though because of Hurricane Katrina’s cousin coming through and absolutely pounding the festival for about an hour. The festival did a great job of getting everything back in order once the madness let up.

Super Mash started out the post rain-delay night by getting the crowd going with their eclectic mashups. Next up was Feed Me who in my opinion is probably the most underrated artist out there. His visual display combined with his high energy set was amazing. During all of this we ran into one of FITA’s favorite artists 3LAU at the media tent and I made sure to blare Jaggerbomb on the Grooveshark sponsored speakers, so that his presence was even funnier.

Jacob (My photographer) & Justin Blau

The night’s two main attractions were Avicii and Bassnectar. Now Avicii is easily one of my favorite EDM artists but his live performance was just all around weak. I had heard this from other people before, but had to see it for myself to understand. It’s not that his music is any worse he just is too shy to interact with the crowd. However Lorin saved the night by destroying our ears with the sounds of Bassnectar. At this point the free Bacardi at the media tent had taken all the energy out of my body and it was time to hit the tent and prepare for the final day.

Saturday: Last day, the air is filled with an odor of smelly hipsters and marijuana, the ground is trenched from the rain, but yet we push on in the name of music. The afternoon we were most excited about a band from Athens named Reptar. For you avid FIFA players out there, you will recognize them from the song Sweet Sipping Soda. They were easily the best non-EDM live show and were a hilarious interview.

The rest of the afternoon went pretty quickly. Paper Diamond led things off, and continued the trend of artists wanting to drop Trap music since we were in Atlanta, the home of trap. Big Boi came on next and killed it with his huge ATL following and classic songs. Wale was kind of a let down, he came on stage obviously blazed and then someone in the crowd tossed him a blunt and a lighter and he continued to blaze up during his set.

Nighttime rolled around and things began afoot with Zed’s Dead, which we were most excited to see out of anyone at the whole festival. They were absolutely phenomenal although I wish Omar Linx had been there with them to do the vocals. What followed Zed’s was the fastest 6 hours of my life. Skrillex put on a show that was stars above anyone else’s. Pretty Lights wrapped up the main stage with an amazing set followed by a great firework display. Last but not least was Zedd. Probably my new favorite artist after seeing him at Counterpoint. Dude seems like someone I would love to have a beer with. He interacted with the crowd more than any so called “big artists” and just kept a frantic pace throughout the whole set.

Top 5 sets
1. Skrillex
2. Feed Me
3. Zedd
4. Zed’s Dead
5. Adventure Club

Things I learned while at Counterpoint
– Girls LOVE stickers…. and automatically determine the best location for them is their tits.
– Skrillex is the King of EDM whether you like his new stuff or not
– Showers are a much greater thing than I had formally realized
– Cash is no longer the only form of currency once the camping begins
– Counterpoint is going to be around for a long time to come!

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!