Event Review: Life In Color at Governors Island Sunday, September 16th

My first time at Life In Color (formerly Dayglow), which was September 16th, was an absolute blast. It wasn’t my first time visting Governors Island but it was my first time getting totally smothered in neon paint. I arrived extra early to the ferry and the anticpation and excitement crept on me more and more as I waited eagerly on the ferry line to get across to the island. Continue reading after the jump.

Once I finally got across the water to the island on that short yet exciting (sorry, the littlest things amuse me) ferry ride, I was ready to go wild. I stood front row for a while to check out the opening act, Dalton. Dalton played some pretty hypnotic tech house that I really loved.

Once Dalton left the stage, David Solano came on and that’s when the crowd really went wild. We all couldn’t wait for the paint blast. When the countdown concluded and the first rounds of paint were shot out, I was already completely drenched in pink and green goodness. David Solano played a great set, but when Bassjackers took the stage, I went all out and got super rowdy. Their set at Dayglow was even better than their EDCNY set. They played tracks such as the ever-so-popular “Atom” and their remix of “Glad You Came” which everyone in the crowd was familiar with so they chimed along.

The main act was the very handsome R3hab. He took the stage after Bassjackers finished their set. I also saw R3hab at EDCNY and he did a phenomenal job. His Life In Color set was even MORE phenomenal, and he played some of his own remixes as well as tracks from other artists. There were so many dancers and sick lighting and paint that I can’t even begin to explain how much fun it was… it was just a complete blast. I cannot WAIT for my next chance to go back to Life In Color and go hard in the paint once again!

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!