Event Review: Avicii at Radio City Music Hall, Wednesday Sept. 26th

I am a HUGE Avicii aka Tim Berg fan. I am actually typing up this review as his August 25th set at Creamfields blares from my speakers. Wednesday, September 26th is a night I will never forget in my entire life. It was my first time ever stepping foot in the jawdroppingly beautiful Radio City Music Hall. It was also my first night seeing Avicii play live.

As I shuffled quickly through the intricately designed doorways of Radio City, I took a deep breath and took a little time to absorb the fact that on this very night, I am witnessing history. Avicii is the first DJ to ever headline at Radio City. I am going to be here for it. I walked over to my seats which were in aisle NN, practically front and center to the stage. I was so thankful for the wonderful seating views. Since I arrived early I was able to see the opening DJ, Matt Goldman who hails from Baltimore. He treated all of us to some deep and funky tech house that had me moving earlier than I thought.

Once Matt Goldman left the stage, the lights turned back on. My heart started pounding and I knew that in a few minutes, Avicii would appear on the stage. Approximately 15 minutes later, the lights dimmed and the curtains opened. A massive head appeared and suddenly the crowd erupted in utter excitement and anticipation. Then I see Avicii appear on top of the head, snapback and all. I screamed as hard as I ever screamed and clapped my hands until I lost feeling in them.

He opened his set with his original version of Fade Into Darkness combined with the Albin Myers remix. I sang along to the lyrics with the rest of the crowd. Some tracks that stood out to me that Avicii incorporated into his set: the instrumental version of Mighty Love by Eric Prydz & Andreas Postl, Stay With You, Superlove and when he dropped Atom. When Avicii dropped Atom, I danced so wildly that I fell on my side and bruised my thigh. Whoops. The sound system was absolutely insane and the visual effects and lights were trippy and awesome.

Towards the end of Avicii’s set, Don’t You Worry Child unexpectedly came on and everyone in the audience went crazy. But a little shortly after, when Levels came on, everyone lost it. We all sang the beat and held hands and jumped up and down in unity. There is just something about Levels that is so riveting, so unifying, so massive. I can’t quite explain it, but whenever I hear that song (and I’m sure you can agree), it takes me to another place and gives me an internal sense of euphoria.

Avicii played on until a little after 11:00 pm, and I left Radio City with so much pride and joy knowing I saw Avicii play for the very first time. If you have never seen Avicii play, I highly recommend you haul over to wherever he’s playing near your area ASAP. Whether it’s a festival, club, event, anything. His melodic and enchanting beats will captivate you.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!