Preview: Datsik’s Firepower Tour

Datsik’s Firepower Tour has been in full swing since August 30 and stops in Chicago this Saturday for this lucky blogstar to interview.

The tour began in Denver, made its way all throughout the east and west coast and now will soon make its way to the Midwest. Four new dates have also been added to stop in parts of Western Canada. The tour includes Delta Heavy, Terravita, Bare Noize, XKR, Getter and AFK. If you haven’t been keeping track of Datsik via Facebook or Twitter then you probably should. The weekly performance recaps will either make you envy the people that attended, allow you to relive the unforgettable experience or just excite you until the day he rolls through your city.

If you have tickets to this show be prepared (yet that goes without saying). Audience members will be entirely engrossed with the one-of-a-kind “Vortex” booth with trailblazing lights and lasers all equipped with 3D-mapping technology, not to mention this paired with the dirty, sick, nasty, filthy, “let’s rage so hard we lose our heads” sounds of dubstep.

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