PSY – Gangnam Style (Klahr Remix)

Whether you hear “whoop it condom style” or “oppan gangnam style” there’s no doubt this song’s flooding radio stations nationally.

With 220 million views on YouTube (and still counting) PSY sits at the top 20 in the U.S. Billboard Charts “Hot 100.” The kitsch-like video debuted on July 15 and has been making quite a splash with his trade mark “horse dance” and humorous misadventures. Gangnam is the name of a district in South Korea that’s similar to our nation’s Beverly Hills: the people are rich, trendy, cultured and basically have swag up the ass.

Currently, a variety of Soundcloud mashups and remixes of the hit song are beginning to surface. Check this badass remix by Klahr. Gangnam Style currently holds the most likes on YouTube, shattering the Guinness Book of World Records for the most hits.

Click To Download: PSY – Gangnam Style (Klahr Remix)

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