Artist Spotlight: C2C – Tetra (Album Stream)

It’s Tuesday, just one of those days of the week that everyone dreads…The week hasn’t exactly just started, yet you aren’t exactly half way done with it either. I’m just as familiar with that feeling as many of you, and with that said, there are few things that we feel can give us the mid-week boost that we need, but that boost comes in the form a French group that you’ve likely never heard of by the name of C2C.

The best way to describe C2C: Justice meets RJD2.

My #1 track off Tetra: “Down The Road”“The Beat” at a close 2nd.

Now the reason that I’m posting this album is not because it’s new (the album dropped earlier this month), but because as a tastemaker and music writer fortunate enough to have captive audience as large as FITA’s, it is my obligation to share great music that our readers and music fans don’t ordinarily stumble upon.

I found C2C through a good friend of mine who had stumbled upon the French DJ group while skimming the French charts, and I’ve been listening almost non-stop since…My hopes are you will be too.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!