New App Aims To Erase Chris Brown From Internet…Wait What?

I think it goes without saying that the outrage against Chris Brown hasn’t died down since his incredibly bad decision to make Rihanna his punching bag back when they were dating in 2009 and he hasn’t helped make any easier to forget. I mean, seriously, you tattooed her beaten face on your neck? Not smart at all.

Well, aims to do something about it, similar to an effort identical to what happened to Nickelback , in launching an app that literally eradicates every mention of Chris Brown from your browsing experience. Available only for Chrome at the moment, Aux’s Online Producer, Sam Sutherland, states in an interview with CBS,

The Brownout plugin places a box over Brown’s face in images from the internet and over his name in headlines. “All we had to do is build a frame where it recognizes the word and ignores it and literally erases it. In the case of both artists, they are wildly popular and their fans love them. But for us and people who work for Aux and our audience, we were getting tired of these artists. In November, you couldn’t go on the internet without reading something about Nickelback. I think it’s impossible to gauge who will be next, Who knows what dumb thing will consume us in the next six months. But there will be something and Aux will be there to help.

Well for those of you that want to try the app, here’s the link and thanks for reading.

via Hypetrak
via CBS

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