Glowfest: Indiana University (Feat. Logic, The White Panda & Big Gigantic) [Event Review]

Glowfest has quickly become more than just a concert series at Indiana, it’s become synonymous with Homecoming, Little 5 & IU’s partying culture as one of the most highly anticipated events on a campus of over 40,000 students, so needless to say, you can always expect some of the biggest names to show up and rage with the Hoosiers.

This year, Glowfest kicked their concert series off at IU with Fixyn, The Pro Letarians, and headliners Logic, The White Panda & Big Gigantic. I was initially surprised when I heard the lineup, since the next stop on the tour features Porter Robinson, Krewella, Zedd & The Bingo Players, but after attending the event, it’s more than obvious that these guys know how to throw a great show.

Logic: Over the last year I’ve really become a big fan of his music, and coming into the show I was easily most excited for his set than anyone else’s. The set was dope to say the least, dropping many fan favorites such as All I Do, Numbers & We Get High amongst plenty others including dropping a verse to Mind of Logic over Kid Cudi‘s Day N Nite.

Logic has a clear command of his audience, knowing exactly how to get them amped up and definitely has some great on-stage charisma to make for some great transitions between his songs acting as a true storyteller. The set was just as good as I had expected having left with no disappointment, but I definitely wished I could’ve heard some of my personal favorites like Juice, Tic Tac Toe or Scenario.

The White Panda: Considering that these two guys take up a good 20% of the average college student’s iPod, expectations weren’t necessary for the mashup heavyweights. Sporting their new (actually electronic) Panda masks, the duo easily had the crowd at their fingertips. Mashing in some of today’s most popular radio hits like The Wanted’s Glad You Came with EDM hits like Axwell’s Resurrection, the crowd, now about 3,000 strong, quickly turned into an ocean of ravers. This proved to be a great warm up for Big Gigantic.

Big Gigantic: I was honestly surprised how much buzz this duo had at IU. I’ve been listening to Big Gigantic for some time now, and it’s only been about a year and a half since their Colorado colleague Pretty Lights headlined Glowfest.

Considering that I’ve never seen Big G live, I had no idea what to expect aside from the fact that there was a drumset with the Big Gigantic logo on it. So if you go to a Big G concert expecting a simple laptop and a mixer, you’re in for a major treat. The duo, comprised of Dominic Lalli (producer/saxophone player) and Jeremy Salken (drums) hit the stage and immediately took the crowd over with their amazing productions and crazy electronic vibes laced with live drums and Dominic’s amazing Saxophone riffs which you’d never expect to work over electronic music, but as you can see from the video above as an example (and from much of their music), it turns out dope.

With much of the Glowfest Fall Tour still ahead, we’re sure to expect some big performances, Glowfest has already started their movement towards a concert for IU’s Little 5 which we can be sure will be bigger & better then ever.

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