Chris Brown’s New Ink Looks Eerily Similar To Rihanna’s Beaten Face

Not sure how he’s going to dance his way out of this one, as he’s so apt to do.

In a move that assures his PR people will always have a job to do, Chris Brown recently donned a brand new tattoo bearing a striking resemblance to the infamous 2009 image of Rihanna’s face post-beating.

His PR people are claiming it’s not of Rihanna, and the Huffington Post also seems to be rolling its eyes at the public assumption that it’s her, saying “we guess if we squint our eyes reeaaally hard, love can be found in a hopeless place.”

While I love the Huffington Post and rely on them for most of my news updates, I want scold them for employing the help of this writer.

Excuse us for making a reasonable assumption that this tattoo of a beaten woman with big lips, a closed/bruised eye and prominent cheek bones would be Rihanna.

So far, Brown hasn’t bothered to explain what the tat is–probably hoping to generate the exact kind of buzz that I’m contributing to right now, sigh–but I had to chuckle at VH1’s speculation that it could be a sort of self-punishment reminder of the mistakes he’s made. That would probably make the most sense…

Here’s a side-by-side for you to analyze for yourself

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