Event Review: Subliminal Sessions vs. Dirty Dutch at Governors Island

The C the H the U the C the K the I the E!

If you attended Subliminal Sessions vs. Dirty Dutch at Governors Island this past Labor Day, then you will definitely agree with me that this event was straight fire. Luckily for me, I made it to the very front row. I’m a tiny girl but YOLO. I have never been front row at a show before but this time I was front, center and face to face with Sympho Nympho, Betatraxx and Chuckie himself. It became very crowded and hot towards the end of Chuckie’s set, so I took a mini break and wound up dancing in my own little spot out of the tent when Erick Morillo came on.

I danced like I have never danced before. I woke up the next morning with no voice. Sympho Nympho’s set was filled with dark, sexy house beats with unexpected drops. I went absolutely wild when Betatraxx took the stage. I was very pleased when he dropped “The Island Pt. 2” by Pendulum, for it was the first time I have heard that song live. Towards the end of Betatraxx’s set, the crowd began to shout “Chuckie! Chuckie! Chuckie!” (whose real name is Clyde Narain, by the way).

Chuckie played many of his own tracks including “Mutfakta””, “Move It 2 The Drum” and “Paris Satisfaction”. I went nuts when he played Alvaro’s new unreleased track “Make The Crowd Go”, which was the track that stood out most to me in this set. Chuckie also incorporated “Spaceman” and the Tommy Trash remix of The Veldt, which are also on my list of my favorite tracks of this year. Towards the end of his set, he incorporated a little rap, a little trap and classic Daft Punk. I LOVED Chuckie’s entire set! It was even better than his EDCNY set.

Last but not least, the house music king himself Erick Morillo took the stage and threw down some erratic house beats that would make your pulse throb in fury. The 2 highlights of the night were when Erick and Chuckie versed each other on the stage and the balloons dropping from the top of the tent. It was not only an amazing Dirty Dutch show but a massive celebration to the end of summer 2012!

Damn girl, I like the way you move it to the drum.

Betatraxx threw down a glitchy electro inspired house set.

A shot of the beautiful crowd behind me.


Me posing with a fellow EDM lover!

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!