Lupe Fiasco Releases “American Terrorist Pt. 2”, Contemplates Retirement From Hip-Hop

Hip-hop has really changed over time, and with it, so have the attitudes of rappers of different generations. Lupe Fiasco is known to be outspoken and controversial as he strongly supports the causes that are closest to him. He’s also very analytical of today’s hip hop game, even telling Baltimore Radio Station 92Q that new rapper Chief Keefscares him.”

Not much later, he and Keef exchanged words on twitter where Keef eventually threated to “smack him” then leading Lupe to first reach out to Keef, then publicly reflect on his Twitter & conclude that “this album will probably be my last” and gives a big thank you to The LupEND Blog and fans by giving us the unfinished Part 2 of his instant classic, American Terrorist.

Click To Download: Lupe Fiasco – American Terrorist Pt. 2

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