FITA Event Preview: Dirty South at Roseland Ballroom, NYC Oct 20th

Dragan Roganović (Dirty South) is set to perform live at Roseland Ballroom in New York City on Saturday, October 20th and boy is it gonna be dirty to say the least! His tour is entitled The City of Dreams Tour, which shares the same name as his inspiring and melodic track with Alesso.

I seriously could not be more excited to see Dragan play again this year. Dirty South is one of my favorite DJs and produces excellent tracks. Back in May, Dirty South killed it at the Meadowlands for the third day of EDCNY. I was practically hyperventilating with excitement when he took the stage. His set was my favorite out of any set during that three day weekend. Some of my all time favorite Dirty South singles include “Phazing”, “Let It Go” and “Alive”. I have also been digging the tracks he has produced for Example. Be sure to like Dirty South on his official Facebook page and follow him on Twitter. By the way, make sure to bring some Nutella with you to the show. Dragan really likes Nutella.

Dirty South: The City of Dreams Tour
Location: Roseland Ballroom in New York City
Date: Sat. Oct 20th 9pm-4am
Age requirement: 18+ event
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