Introducing: Johnny Astro – Goodnight America (Ft. Adele)

I know I know… Another Adele sample/remix? BUTTTTTT this may or may not be the best I have heard and it comes from Johnny Astro, a Texas based rapper/producer/song writer who has been making tunes since 13. I mean he starts the track with a Denzel Washington clip, which instantly got me hooked cause Denzel is a bad ass.

The “Someone Like You” piano riff is sampled really well over the soft drums of choice and I like how he chops up Adele’s vocals with a nice slapback echo. As if his production skills weren’t good enough, he can evidently flow and sing. Lil’ bit of autotune in there too, but it goes well with the track. This will be the intro track on his upcoming mixtape TheWorlDENDs. Should be dope.

Click To Download: Johnny Astro – Goodnight America (Ft. Adele)

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