Did Gucci Mane Laser Off His Ice Cream Tattoo?

The hip hop community is abuzz right now, wondering whether or not Gucci Mane has lasered off his unfortunate ice cream tattoo.

The rumor was sparked by a Twitter conversation between AllHipHop.com’s CEO Chuck Creekmur and AllHipHop.com’s Senior Staff Writer and Associate Content Editor Biba Adams, so you know right off the bat that something’s a little fishy. One day after that conversation happened, the site published the rumor story about Gucci possibly getting his tattoo slowly lasered off.

While it sounds like the site (which is still in Beta…hint hint?) is trying to generate a little buzz for itself, I’ll admit that it’s pret-ty hard to spot the Mane’s ice cream tat in recent footage shot behind-the-scenes for his “Bussin Juugs” music video.

Check it out below:

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