Superchilled : Zodiac – Come ft. Jesse Boykins III

In the interest of offering a diversity of aural quality we’ve created a new feature titled Superchilled. Mainly to introduce you to music worth listening to with elements that makes us feel and production that invokes a reeling feeling of relaxation, we hope to curate chill tracks for your weekly enjoyment. Welcome to Superchilled. Sit Back, Relax, Unwind.

Jeremy Rose or Zodiac is known by a fewer than deserved as the producer behind many of the tracks on the Weeknd’s breakout mixtape, House of Balloons. Due to artistic differences in the direction they wanted to take their music they had a break up that was quite dramatic to say the least. Zodiac didn’t let that deter him though as he’s worked brilliantly to create his own project, a self-titled EP boasting 5 original tracks to be released on September 24th in digital format and October 8th on vinyl.

The first track from the EP, Come, is a host of creative amazings conveying such a sensual vibe and unmasked lust through a serious of female vocal samples, whispered lyrics and atmospheric key strikes. Jesse Boykins III does an excellent job meshing with Zodiac’s production style, giving the production a life that literally breathes and leaves you with the silence in its ending calm and reflective.

Here’s the official album art for Come.

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