Krewella Signs To Columbia Records

It’s moments like these that make running a music blog feel so rewarding. The group made up of seductive sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, and their bff and killer producer Kris Trindle, have officially made it. Sure, their chart topping EP Play Hard was a huge hit and got them noticed like never before, and they’ve been on all of our top lists ever since 3LAU introduced them to me. And they’ve been performing all over the country, from college gigs to festivals – but it is physically signing for a record deal that evokes that “MADE IT!” feeling in today’s society. And they’ve done it. And it is now public knowledge.

With that being said, a huge congrats is in order for the fam, because Krewella has now signed with Columbia Records!!

Let that sink in for a minute, pun intended, as you check out the track that started it all, “One Minute” which we posted almost a year to the day, Sep 1st 2011.

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Krewella – One Minute

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