Kanye Could Be The New Simon Cowell Of American Idol

Kanye West is reportedly in preliminary negotiations with American Idol to join Mariah Carey and possibly Nicki Minaj on the show’s judges panel.

Sounds like Fox is trying to trick us into watching American Idol.

Sources say that it was (the always-insufferable) Ryan Seacrest’s idea to get Kanye on American Idol because of the ratings he would inevitably bring to the show. But maybe Seacrest is regretting it now that Kanye–in true Kanye style–is already asking for at LEAST $18 million to even consider the job. That’s the same amount Mariah Carey’s getting, so why would he settle for less?

while I hate the idea of Kanye’s “cred” going to shit because of this, I’m still very excited by it for a couple of reasons:

1. Mariah Carey is already pissed that a younger, popular woman (Minaj) could be joining her on the panel, so think about how furious she’ll be when she finds out Fox is entertaining the idea of paying Kanye the same amount she’s getting. This would make for great TV

2. Kanye West is a loose canon

3. Kimye

TMZ is saying that if Fox adds a fourth judge, they could very well be spending an unheard of $60 million on talent.

Although Kanye has been saying that American Idol isn’t really his “wheelhouse,” wouldn’t it be ridiculous to pass up $18 million?

OR would it be ridiculous to take it, considering the collateral damage he’d suffer?

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