Matisyahu – Sunshine “Fan Tribute” Video

This video of Matisyahu’s hit song Sunshine off of his new album Spark Seeker is a lil tribute for his fans with a whole collection of videos from his summer tour. The video features footage from Vienna, Virginia; Baltimore; Boston; Hampton Beach, New Hampshire; Stamford, Connecticut, Philadelphia…. and my camp Cedar Lake which is casually really exciting…like extremely exciting (tg he loved our lake and ropes course/ if you look like a mile back Im sorta there whatever). This whole new direction thing with cutting off his hair and giving the relgious thing a break is sorta working out for him and the fans fucking love him, as we see here (and the campers ugh to good). On October 10th Matis is back on the road beginning his new tour in Fort Colins, Colorado and then stoping 33 times after that…. check his site to if one of the 34 stops is near you!

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!