The Dean’s List (The Kings Dead) – Hennessy At Cookouts [MP3 and Update]

Click To Download: The Dean’s List – Hennessy At Cookouts

Jerusalem drops 9/17. Pretty excited. The eclectic trio known as The Dean’s List have let loose their first single off Jerusalem. Not too bad. I was a tad disappointed with Generation X, so only time will tell if this next project will be better. Regardless, new tune from Sonny and the crew.

An IMPORTANT update from the band below:

With the recent launch of our new company, “Vérité Films,” we have transformed The Dean’s List into an expanded platform to include film and video while releasing our music through our new distribution channel, “The Kings Dead,” which represents art, culture, and lifestyle through music.

That being said… Here is where you can find out
The Kings Dead on Facebook
The Kings Dead on Twitter
The Kings Dead on YouTube

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!