Lil Wayne – “No Lie” Freestyle off Dedication 4 Which Is Now Pushed Back + “Music Is In Trouble…”

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Fast forward to 1:30 if you wanna hear the No Lie Freestyle off Dedication 4.

Tunechi, who was supposed to have dropped Dedication 4 by now, has given us his reasons why the DJ Drama hosted mixtape release has been delayed. Fresh off performing with Nicki Minaj in NYC for a historic concert on August 14, Weezy basically stated that he didn’t want to steal the glory from 2 Chainz and his album release of Based on A T.R.U Story. He also spoke of dropping Dedication 4 in a week or so.

In other Lil Wayne news… In the most recent episode of his Mountain Dew web series entitled DEWeezy, Weezy spoke about his love for skating and how “music is in trouble.”

“That’s what so great about skating to me. It’s about challenge… I really found a second love. And music is in trouble. Because I’m in love with this skateboarding shit.”

What do you guys think of Wayne’s future in music and recent love for skateboarding?

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