Muse Debuts First Dubstep Single “Unsustainable” Off New Album + Tracklisting

Muse is without a doubt one of the most respected rock bands around, and for their newest album The 2nd Law which releases on October 2nd, their choice of first single is (to everyone’s surprise) a dubstep record. The band had actually listed Skrillex as their main influence behind the production, incorporating the epic vibe that comes with every Muse track but it’s genre most certainly being classified as dubstep rather than alternative.

This single definitely comes as a shock, and is being received by fans either loving it or hating it…I’ll wait to fully judge when we hear the full album. Tracklisting after the jump:

The 2nd Law: Tracklisting

Panic Station
Follow Me
Big Freeze
Save Me
Liquid State
The 2nd Law: Unsustainable
The 2nd Law: Isolated System

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