SFX Entertainment Aquires the “World’s Largest Paint Party”

All of this now belongs to a 64-year-old man.

Whether you know his name or not, Robert F.X. Sillerman–SFX Entertainment’s founder–has been involved in your life somehow, in some way. And he’s about to sneak up on you again, because he’s just purchased Dayglow — you know, the “world’s largest paint party?”

Sillerman stated in a press release:

“Dayglow has become one of the leading brands in EDM and developed a winning formula. We’re looking forward to working together to further leverage the Dayglow brand in the U.S. and abroad, and expanding their offerings.”

Dayglow, the six-year-old production and promotions company, is renowned for its mix of high energy music, theatrical acts and its famous paint blast. It entertains more than 500,000 people annually and has featured live performances by some of the genre’s most revered DJs such as Axwell, Alesso, Benny Bennassi, Chuckie, R3hab and resident DJ David Solano.

And its purchase marks the second of about 50 more Sillerman is hoping to make in pursuit of the EDM world and its experience–all of these acquisitions are expected to happen within a year, and cost about $1 billion.

What the eff?! Prepare for change, EDM world–and in a big way.

In response to Sillerman’s efforts to take over the EDM world, I think the New York Times puts it best:

“The man who corporatized the concert industry is back, and he wants to dance.”

The first purchase of the series was of Donnie Disco Presents, the largest EDM promoter in the world who is responsible for bringing the genre’s live shows and festivals to over 100 cities across the globe.

If his press release is any indication, Sillerman has many things planned for us:

“Most EDM fans attend three to five events a year. There are 360 other days in a year. We want to extend the experience well past the time they are attending an event and enjoying it.”

Dayglow President Sebastian Solano is also excited about SFX Entertainment’s potential:

“We believe that this partnership will give us the tools to continue to expand our brand worldwide and take our show to a whole new level, where our fans will experience something never seen before in EDM.”

Let me take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about the man who’s hoping to revamp our whompisphere:

Sillerman founded CKX, Inc. in 2005, purchasing 19 Entertainment in the same year; 19 Entertainment is the same company that created and owned American Idol and all of its international versions, which air in over 100 countries. Other notable moves include CKX’s purchase of the image and likeness of Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali and the operations of Graceland.


CKX also owned the firm that has managed the likes of Woody Allen, Billy Crystal and Robin Williams.

Finally (although his accolades extend far beyond this), Sillerman is the Executive Chairman and CEO of Viggle Inc., a loyalty program that offers rewards like gift cards and merchandise for watching television. I just downloaded it…

More than one million registered users have downloaded Viggle and have been rewarded for watching television and interacting with “Viggle Live” and “My Guy” programs that enhance viewer experience through real time polls, games and quizzes. Available on iOs and Android devices, Viggle was created to develop products and services to encourage consumers to engage in different ways with entertainment. It uses proprietary audio recognition technology to identify and reward its users for their television preferences.

I’m feeling as though Sillerman might try a similar approach to the EDM “experience.”

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