Editorial: Zedd Only Cares About Making Good Music

It SOUNDS like a pretty simple concept, right? And then there are those musicians who can’t seem to do anything but attach themselves to whatever genre is most popular.

German musician/producer Anton Zaslavski, better known as Zedd, recently gave an interview to Rogue Network’s Artist Direct about “Spectrum,” and his answers were everything any music fan could hope for.

In the interview, Zedd talked about:

-How EDM–although great–“is probably the one genre with playing one note and a kick”

-How metal and dubstep are very similar

-And, if he had to categorize it, how his EP could be described as a mix between a Hollywood and deep underground movie

When asked if his album had an overall vibe to it, Zedd responded:

“If I had to sum it up with one word, I’d choose ‘music’ because I don’t care if the songs are hard or soft, if they have vocals or they don’t, or if they’re three minutes or ten minutes. I don’t care about anything but making good music. I love electronic music, but I come from different genres. I’ve been into classical music, rock, metal, and jazz. A lot of my inspiration and knowledge is actually outside of electronic music.”

“They’re a lot of amazing songs and great productions in electronic music, but I don’t see musical songs as I would in other genres. The most important part for me was to make music you could listen to in the car and at home or play out at shows and everybody would like it even if they aren’t into electronic music. Lately, I’ve been discovering that a lot of my friends who don’t listen to electronic music still like those songs. That’s what I want to try to do. I want to get everyone to have an open ear for electronic music even if they don’t like it.”

On why his music has a traditional song structure:

“The reason why is I ask myself, “What would be the value of the song if I wrote it down on a piece of paper?” If you really make a chart, how much of the actual music is still left if you do that? Electronic Dance Music is probably the one genre with playing one note and a kick. It still works, and it’s great. However, I often think, “What is left musically?” In twenty years, as we get better technology, will the music of today have a value or not? I want to make timeless music. At the end of the day, good music is good music regardless of genre.”

On how dubstep should move into a more band-oriented direction:

“There have been some metal bands who have asked me to help out sonically. I think metal and dubstep are really similar in a way. In the first place, it’s not necessarily about the melody and the music but the energy, which translates the best live. If you go to a dubstep show, the energy is so overwhelming that you don’t need the big melodies and harmonies. I think it’s a good step for dubstep to go into a more band-oriented direction. I think what Korn did is a clever move. It makes sense to crossover.”

When awkwardly asked: “If your album were a movie what would it be?” Zedd responded:

“That’s a tough question! It’s really colorful. It has meaning. I’ve thought a lot about every single thing I put in there. It’d probably be somewhere between a Hollywood movie for the effects and a deep underground movie for the musical element. I’ve never been asked that before [Laughs].”

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