FITA Exclusive: ARTY Interview Backstage at IDENTITY Festival (Wantagh, NY 7/28/12)

I wanna start by saying, IDENTITY Festival really is everything it’s built up to be. One of the main reasons that people turn out to these massive events (aside from the DJ’s) is for the crazy, energy-filled environment, and Wantagh was just that. Shortly after his set, I was invited backstage to meet up with Arty in his dressing room and discussed topics ranging from his pre-show ritual, the Slide “experiment”, Arty’s Top 5 DJ’s of 2012, his brand new track expected to drop this September & much more.

Full Interview Transcript after the jump:

*Note: Poor audio was the result of testing a brand new camera (which also provided coverage for all the madness during the Festival) along with the fact that the interview took place in a room directly behind the main stage at ID…

IDENTITY Photos: Wantagh | Cincinnati

Interview Transcript

Do you have a pre-show ritual that you do before you get on stage?

Not exactly one, but just try to put myself in a good mood to get onto the same page [as the audience].

Has this NY crowd been wilder than any of the other stops on the IDENTITY tour so far?

The NY crowd is totally wild man, I played Electric Zoo in September, I played a show with Avicii, a few times at Pacha, Governor’s Island for Alesso’s birthday and it’s all grown for me and tonight was just a highlight of the New York shows, totally crazy, I’m really happy and I can’t wait for the next time.

So you’ve gone on every stop of Identity so far…

Well, we actually are going to miss the Atlanta stop because I played at Opera a few weeks ago, so we decided to cancel the show since I already played it recently, but when I played there it was crazy, lots of people, a totally packed club and a ton of fun.

What’s it been like playing alongside these huge names like Eric Prydz? Who has been the most exciting to watch?

Eric Prydz for sure. He’s a total DJ. I’ve had a couple chances to catch his set and see how he works and what types of tracks he plays. Eric Prydz is a totally different DJ, he doesn’t play any other track that usual DJ’s play, and his set is just one hell of a new experience. It’s totally crazy, we were in Washington the other night and I caught his set, and I had seen his set before, but this set was totally different, and that’s what makes Eric Prydz Eric Prydz, because hes not only a genius producer, he’s also a brilliant DJ.

That brings me to my next question. We know that everyone is voting for their Top 100 DJ’s (make sure you vote for ARTY by the way), if you had to pick 5, not including yourself, who would you pick?

This year, Axwell will always be first place for me. Second place I’d say Tiesto because I had never caught his set before, but we played in Bratislava with him a few weeks ago and he played Maximal Crazy 7 times in a row, and the crowd wasn’t even bored! Third place I’d give to Porter Robinson. I’ve never caught his live sets, but I know about all of his records and he’s totally crazy. [4th] Eric Prydz for sure, and last place I don’t know, not me for sure but some of the other guys.

I wouldn’t doubt yourself man, you’ve been coming up with huge tracks lately, Slide has been absolutely huge, I’m big fan…

It was a cool experiment, but a lot of my fans didn’t get it, just because it’s a different track, not the typical track people can expect from me, its more [relatable to] The Prodigy’s style, not that I’m trying to compare myself with Prodigy, totally not because it’s a long way for me to get to that level, but it’s the mood of a Prodigy or Chemical Brothers [record], but its not dubstep since theres no vocal bass, not moombahton, its just a cool electronic track that I decided to finish and see what the response will be like…

Do you see yourself making more tracks like slide?

I’m not sure because Slide was just a cool experiment, but I need to continue putting out tracks that I know my fans will like and so I can be sure that everyone who comes to my shows will be happy.

If there were one track that defines who you are, that you want to be known for at least till now, what would it be?

Oh man, Around The World for sure because this track has done a lot of good things for me, a few bad things in the trance community, but still I’m really happy with this track because it was different, and when I still play the track the crowd goes crazy. I just made this crazy mashup [to Around The World] with Nadia Ali’s “The Rapture”, and I’m just so happy with that mashup. The vocal fits so well with the track and I am so happy I will now drink champagne (drinks champagne).

So another thing that’s going on with you is you have a series on Sirius XM that’s already started called “Together We Are”, so what can you tell us about that?

Yeah 5 shows in, it’s a really cool radio show and a cool place for me to play [and share] new music. It’s on Sirius XM’s Electric Area… Whoa (bass from the main stage shakes the room)

…It’s very crazy back there

Yeah especially when Eric Prydz is playing at 128 [BPM]…So the Together We Are radio show; we have a guest mix monthly and a live show monthly, like a random live show. I play totally different stuff from the unusual to the usual things people expect. We are having Infected Mushroom for a guest mix this week, which was pretty unexpected, and some people will be surprised, but people will definitely enjoy it.

So you are Russian, the founder of our website (Misha) is Russian, I myself come from a Russian background, and there’s really been a big influx of Russian producers lately…

It’s cool, Russian producers are doing so well for the house scene right now. But to be honest [Russian Producers] more [prominent] in the trance scene than the house scene [right now] because the house scene is supported by artists like Swedish House Mafia [and such], and in that way they push the Russian scene, right now it’s a little bit week but I’m sure in the next couple of years it will get stronger.

What’s the next big thing from Arty?

The “Together We Are” track. It’s gonna be f*cking huge. I feel really, really good about this track and I hope people will like it, there’s a YouTube cut of the set when I played it at Avicii’s show in Europe and people really liked it.

Do you have a release date set for it yet?

I would say September, because we’re still waiting for the right vocal. I want to have a vocal track, and I’m looking for a really, really cool deep, atmospheric male vocal and I’m sure that we’ll get it, it’s just a matter of time.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!