JJAMZ-Heartbeat (Gazzo Remix)

There’s a chance you haven’t heard of the JJamz, a new band based out of Los Angeles and cross-polinated with talent from Bright Eyes, Maroon 5, The Like & more. With a self-described “Smart Pop” sound and talent that is literally bursting from their collective seams, I think this is a group to look out for, especially as they garner the likes of many established producers to remix their original single, Heartbeat.

Starcrossed lovers aside, the lyrics of this song, and its delivery in the original has an element that stays in your mind, permeates your waking moments and you truly grow to love it with each play. Gazzo, as always, takes the track and makes it his own, but more impressively manages to maintain that quality, creating a blend of progressive and electro that really exemplifies the direction he’s taking his production. As he only gets better, tours more and exceeds every expectation I feel that Gazzo is only getting started.

Click to Download : JJAMZ-Heartbeat (Gazzo Remix)

JJAMZ-Heartbeat (Gazzo Remix) by djgazzo

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