Drake Enters Royalties Lawsuit: YMCMB/Universal Faces Possible Contract Termination

There’s always drama in hip-hop, but when an artist’s legal entitlements get involved, the result is more than just a twitter rant.

This is the case of James “Jas” Prince, the man known for discovering Aubrey “Drake” Graham, who has filed suit against Cortez Bryant, Gerald Robinson, and their firms, including Aspire Music Group LLC, Laurant Management and Three Kings. Prince says they have refused to provide an accounting of what he is owed.

The suit also alleges that Drake has not been paid royalties by YMCMB, payable from companies with controlling stakes from Lil Wayne with Drake’s sales over 5 million copies, yet allegations say that no royalties from those albums have been recieved by Drake. With these stipulations, Drake’s contract’s with YMCMB faces potential termination.

According to Julia Beverly of Ozone Magazine, who has been following the case very closely, tells us that the lawsuit states: “Terms of the agreement have not been met, so the contract is automatically terminated.“. While all this could prove very damaging to the YMCMB family, Drake’s lawyer has stated that they wish to maintain their good relationship with YMCMB & Universal Music. More on the story to come, so stay tuned.

Source Defsounds

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