FITA Presents: Weekend Warriors #4

Another weekend, another influx of great new music you haven’t heard yet/gotten a chance to rage to…Not to mention another disgustingly beautiful cover. This week features 1 hour of new original mixes and remixes of Progressive House, Electro House along with a bunch of mashups bringing together some new & old EDM favorites such as 3LAU’s Lick It, or the mixture of the classic Alex Prigenzi vocals off Fade Into Darkness with Steve Lade & XSpectiV’s Our World Is Here by Simon Shout.

Consider this the last reading you do before you get your weekend started off right. The party starts as soon as you press play.

Download Weekend Warriors Vol. 4 [ZIP]

Individual Tracks & Downloads After The Jump:

Click To Download: Basto – I Rave You

Click To Download: Temper Traps – Sweet Disposition (Henrix Remix)

Click To Download: 3LAU – Lick It

Click To Download: Compson Sound – Limerence (Afrojack x Rihanna x Robyn x The Who)

Click To Download: Archie – 20% Cooler (Club Mix)

Click To Download: Electricy Dynasty – Eye Wide Open (Colorable Claim Remix)

Click To Download: Sweekuh – L’Emergency

Click To Download: Alive & Beautiful (Eu4ya’s Uplifting Mashup)

Click To Download: Aylen – On Fire (Xristo Remix)

Click To Download: Our World Fades Into Darkness (Simon Shout – Starry Eyed MASH)

Click To Download: I Don’t Like You (Sharkf3ng Remix)

Click To Download: Illuminati – All You, Allein (Kaskade vs. Pryda)

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!