Hoodie Allen x Tour Life – Season 2 Finale

Like many of the artists we follow, Hoodie Allen has been documenting his latest tour & adventures on the road in true Hoodie Mob style. This episode features the Toronto leg of the tour (which sold out before the rest of the shows), Philly, West Chester NY, fun with the fans & more.

Hoodie accompanied the posting with a heart-felt message for the fans:

I literally remember playing shows at home in front of 10 people and all those people were my close friends. It’s crazy, some days I wake up and feel like shit and then I watch these videos and remember that all you guys are why i’m living my dream and I feel very fortunate. If you’re out there now and you feel like no one believes in your dream, fuck them, just always have faith in yourself.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!