Rusko Says Drugs Are A Big Part Of His Music–And That Deadmau5 Is A C**t

Rusko could very well be the antithesis of Deadmau5, and it feels like he wants us to know that.

Within 24 hours of Deadmau5’s Q Radio interview, DJ Mag published an interview with Rusko — a.k.a. Christopher Mercer — ironically revealing that he loves drugs and hates Deadmau5.

Some hours earlier, Deadmau5 had a long talk with CBC’s Q Radio about his animosity towards the drug scene and those that promoted it.

But Rusko’s interview went quite differently: The bass-loving, hard-hitting DJ from the U.K. revealed that he does a lot of drugs–in fact, he credits them for the birthing of his most recent album, Songs. And that’s ON TOP of nightly boatloads of alcohol.

He said:

On Drugs:

“The album was very inspired by the drugs I was taking while I was making it. One day I took Rohypnol, the date-rape drug. I date-raped myself, and made a track, Dirty Sexy Money.”

“I’m at this stage now, I’m drinking a bottle of vodka a night, enjoying drugs for what they are, and not being shy about it. This album wouldn’t sound as good as it does if I wasn’t taking a fuck-load of drugs.”

“I always make sure that everyone’s been getting fucked before I get on the stage. I get a little show of hands for who’s been taking pills, who’s been doing MDMA, who’s been smoking weed. I let them know what I’ve been doing too. Always on the level.”

On his feelings towards Deadmau5, with whom he had a drug-related feud two years back (apparently, Deadmau5 objected to him smoking a little J backstage at a festival they were at):

“People have tried to reconcile us. I’m like, ‘Don’t bring that c**t near me.’ It’s still very much on. We haven’t really been in the same room since it happened, until we are put in the same room by accident or whatever, who knows? He might be chilled out; it’s still on for me. Once I hate someone, I hate ‘em forever.”

“I was outside, with a medical marijuana license in my fucking wallet…Have you ever been to the backstage area of a gig before? They all smell like weed!”

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