Deadmau5 Says He “Sold Out” With Dubstep Track

When I first read the headline that Deadmau5 — a.k.a. Joel Zimmerman — admitted to selling out on his one dubstep track (And I’m assuming he’s referring to “New Dub5tep Thingy”) I thought: “Here he goes again…”

But after listening to the interview, I’m still trying to decide if he’s pandering to hipsters or being true to himself as a musician.

Anyway, I’ll let you decide for yourself—here are some snippets from his interview with CBC’s Q Radio, where he takes some passive-aggressive digs at Justin Bieber, Madonna and…concert drugs:

“[Dubstep’s] a conduit now for previously mainstream pop acts to use. I’ve only ever made one dubstep track and I will admit I only did it because it was cool at the time… I’m not a fan of dubstep but I figured ‘Okay, well I’m sure I can engineer something that’s palatable or on par with the whole Skrillex thing that everyone is into.'”

“I sold out on that one track — that would be me admitting yes, I absolutely sold out because I did it for the popularity factor and that kind of thing, you know what I mean.”

“Now a lot of pop acts like she who shall not be named and a whole bunch of other people are going to use the whole dance/rave thing that died in 1992 that somehow got revived as mainstream dance music and they’re going to use that and sell it out and over-saturate it.”

When asked if he considers Drake part of the machine:

“I don’t know about Drake but I know about the 16-year-olds…[Bieber’s] not exactly a business tycoon, I’m sure he doesn’t understand the nature of how these things are working or how involved he gets with the production of his music or how involved any of those guys get in the production of their music.”

On his spat with Madonna earlier this year, sparked by Madonna asking the crowd at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival if they had seen “Molly,” or ecstasy.

“I’m not stupid, I know what’s going on with this whole thing. I’m wearing this mouse head and I’m watching kids get carried out by paramedics over the front railing and I’m playing. Sometimes I just want to stop the show, it’s not cool and I really don’t like it and it upsets me. So for her to just go with it and have a great time. I just thought, fuck it and give her a blast because it’s fucked up.”

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